Sunday, 22 July 2018

One day in Church...

Today was a great interlude from our ‘normal’ day to day work as we went to church, walked around the village and visited homes of our friends from KCS. 

We walked to the church after a favourite breakfast of chapatti, honey or sugar with bananas. We met madam Lydia and her child  Raushanah at school and walked to the local  church. Despite being 2 hours longer ( 3 hours)  than planned for and mainly in a different language, it was an interesting insight in to the relaxed, but close knit community as we had a skit performed to us about the relationships of women in family, heard readings and sang hymns. Included in this Edie introduced us with a calm and collected manner that put us all at ease. 

We then came back for a delicious lunch of pea sauce with rice and watermelon to go back out at 3 for a long wander that lasted till 6. Inbetween walking we split into two groups, one visited a KCS local girl called Hadija and her family. They were very hospitable and served us with a full plates of food and bottles of water! The other group visited three houses; one having rabbits in the garden and another had only 2 bedrooms for 7 people. The evening consisted of a yummy meal and a great game of describing and miming with prizes of eclairs. 

Overall we have all realised the many differences in cultures, hospitality and length of religious ceremonies!

Flo Wassenberg 

Sophie H- I love those comments they make me very happy. What are the Mortimers doing there when I am not? Excuse me? Rude. X 

Will- I was dancing!! Maybe you didn’t see me?

Flo W- thanks send my love to all x.


  1. Remind Mr Peebles that he needs to wear his hat... (please read out in Afrikaans accent)

  2. Good to hear that you are all enjoying yourselves and embracing the cultural differences. What a wonderful experience and you all seem to be having fun.

    Well done Elliot looking forward to seeing the photos, although we have along the Danube spent some moments looking at You Tube of certain PGS Children dancing and singing in Uganda.

  3. Its wonderful and very reassuring for us to hear how well you are being looked after by your generous hosts. The energetic dancing and singing were great to see on the school Facebook as well. Can't wait to see you home and hearing more about it. Lots and lots of love xxxx

  4. Simon Rhodes: Well done on the singing and dancing everyone. It looks like you’re really going for it. I can’f wait to hear what birds and animals you get to see.

  5. Hi mum! (Mrs Sands) we are loving hearing about the adventure.
    We’ve had a great start to the summer holidays and been swimming in the sea, played football, gone wild at QE country park and more.
    Dad (who may or may not be writing this for us) is doing an amazing job and we are eating so healthily and not had any junk at all. Speaking of which, do you want us to get a load of bananas in for when you return.... sounds like a pretty popular ingredient to everything so far!
    Love Pippa and George x

  6. Fantastic to see you all out in the community - great to mix - and being welcomed into the homes of others is very special and grounding in my experience - its so much more than a trip isn't it!!

  7. Sounds like an awesome day! Hope the finery was appropriate for Sunday best!! On the netball front League results yet to be confirmed down to a haggle over goal difference 😒 lots of love xx😊

  8. Fantastic photos and videos- Will we are very impressed with knee action! Miss you!

  9. Looks like you have had a fantastic time in the village and church on Sunday. Well done for getting the guitar out Sam. Food looks good too. You seem to have built lots at the school this week and will have some great memories of your trip. We are missing you both. Sophie G - Mum will pick up Oreo on Tuesday. Love Mum and Dad.

  10. Kristian we spent yesterday afternoon cruising along the river listening to you looks like you are having lots of fun whilst learning about the world around you which is fabulous.
    We are missing you lots and can't wait to hear all your stories. Mum and Dad xxxx

  11. Lisanna Summerskill: Great blog. Really looking forward to my daily updates. Well done for surviving the church service. Do you have to go again next week? I am enjoying watching the videos on utube too. Everyone looks happy in all the photos.
    I think you are hiding when the camera comes out Daisy!
    Keep working hard .
    Lots of love, Lisanna. X

  12. Well done for making it through that epic church service! Sounds like it’s been an eye-opening day all round. Hope the project work back at the school today goes really well and I am looking forward to reading the update later.
    Edie, we are so proud of you! I am travelling to the US today, and am thinking of you lots. Keep taking lots of photos and have fun!

  13. Samantha Phillips23 July 2018 at 01:03

    Great dancing Daisy May! Rob and I have watched the you Tube clip a couple of times. It looked like an energetic dance especially for the boys. We had a glorious 5 hour walk by the sea at Lymington yesterday and saw New Forest ponies. Keep up the good work Team PGS! X

  14. Just watched the dancing on YouTube, Libs. Loved it. You really looked like you were all giving it your all. Loved photo of you playing with the little girl too. Sending lots of love xxxx

  15. Lesley Beacham23 July 2018 at 08:52

    Hi Kristian, it was wonderful watching you dancing & singing & having such a good time. We have seen all the photos & read the messages so we know you have been working hard as well. I expect you are all looking forward to the safari now. Take lots of photos & take it all in. Can wait to hear all your stories when you get home. Love you loads Granny & Grandad x.

  16. Great blog Floss ,Thankyou .church sounds interesting and meeting the families too ...all well here . I’m home from NY now , still hot . Albert has been looking after things well especially Nelson .we have masses of courgettes in the garden ....chutney making in progress ...
    Lots of love M xx