Monday, 16 July 2018

Arrival photo

We have arrived in Uganda!

After two long flights and very little sleep, we arrived at Entebbe airport! After immigration and collecting our bags, (which took a while due to power cuts!) we met our leaders from Inspire, Barney and Heather, and got on to some buses and drove to our accommodation for the first night. 

We stayed at a hotel called ‘Via Via’. On the way we waved and said hello to all the children that we passed outside their houses, who were really exited to see us! Via Via had really nice accommodation, it was partnered with local people to create beautiful Sheets and decorations made of Ugandan pattens. 

The rooms were comfy and the area around them were full of trees and flowers and a few hammocks! The two most popular inhabitants where probably the two dogs, Maximus and Pepper, who although we wanted to stroke we decided not to risk rabies and just marvelled at them from afar!

We had dinner at their restaurant which overlooked a lake. We were served with traditional Ugandan food, which consisted of beans, a vegetable curry, rice and a interesting boiled banana type mash! It was delicious! 

The people at Via Via were really friendly and were always asking if they could carry our bags or if we needed anything. We had some free time, where we played badminton, wrote journals, watched the football and read in hammocks. After we did a few sessions on health and safety and our hopes and fears, (in the dark because of further power cuts!) we went to bed really tired and ready to sleep!

This morning we packed our bags and headed back down the restaurant for breakfast, I had some delicious banana pancakes and fruit!  It was really nice! Despite being ambushed by bees! After all the cups of tea had been emptied we headed out to the buses to travel to Kikaaya school! We are now still travelling and it is all a bit hectic on the roads, but everyone is so exited to arrive!



  1. Wonderful to hear about your introduction to Uganda! Hope you all have a super special day meeting our 'Partners in Learning' at Kikaaya :)

  2. Sounds as if you've had a great welcome from the Ugandan people Edie! Grandpa wonders if the green banana type mash at dinner was made from Matooke which he believes is grown locally? What a great breakfast too, should really set you up for the day ahead.

    1. What a great description of your arrival. Hope you all have a fabulous time!