Thursday, 26 July 2018

Final day at Kikaaya

Hey everyone! So today was the last day that we were going to be at  Kikaaya before our adventure to Red Chilli rest camp, where our trip will become more like a holiday. In the morning everyone was packing frantically to make sure we were ready for the long and early journey tomorrow morning. After lunch we went to the school to play a game of netball and attended the leaving assembly. The assembly was very different to those we have in England as, in this version there was lots of street dance, music, and even a balloon party :)), it was very enjoyable and all the students from both PGS and KCS loved it. After the assembly KCS played PGS in a friendly netball match, PGS won the match and there were no injuries thankfully. After the match we received best wishes from our Ugandan friends and left them for the last time. Lots of tears were shed and I'm sure we will all miss them. 

Elliot--> can I have '€lliot' and that's good to hear (about Mario)

Kristian-->Is Dad and Adam alive?

Lucy? Was it Charlie's birthday today? Did he bring me back things from Israel? Wait is he even back yet?

Sophie - aw I'm glad I get to see the Mortimer's! Love you so much and I can't wait to see you all very soonnnn xxxxxxx

The Spragues - we guess you don't have wifi anymore.


  1. Wow - amazing memories being made here - 1st match on the new basketball court funded by The Nation Foundation? What a privilege! What lovely parting gifts too :)I am sure you are in need of a greatly deserved break however - so I do hope that is what you all get. Please see my 2nd comment on the blog from yesterday and parents, teachers and pupils please feedback any thoughts to me :).....the link goes on ......

  2. Hope you have a fabulous day today and for the rest of the trip. Really looking forward to seeing you both. The photos are great xxxx

  3. Good win in the netball well done. Enjoy the rest of the trip which sounds amazing. Just don't try and cuddle a hippo.

  4. The assembly sounded like lots of fun! Hope the travel to the next camp went well and we can’t wait to hear about the next adventures. Ps Will I have bought a Ugandan cookbook so I can try and be as good as Nora! X

  5. Hi Everyone! Well done with all you achieved at the school and safe onward journey for the next part of the adventure! Helen and James

  6. Kristian, you are hilarious, missing you so much. Have a great time over the next few days.
    Lots of love Mum xx

  7. No, I’m not Kristian, not inside anyway... however if I were, I’d be telling you to have a good time and make the most of this opportunity. I’m looking forward to playing “A way out” with you when you get back! Love you lots mush, stay safe and see you soon. Your big bro.

  8. Yes, don't know & yes last weekend!
    Hope ye are not scaring the animals 😌
    So looking forward to seeing you, lots of love

  9. Lisanna Summerskill: Well done everyone for all your hard work. I ffelt sad for you to say goodbye to Kikaaya school. They have welcomed you so warmly. Stay safe on safari. Do not touch anything Daisy. Think rabies.. no screaming Libby!
    Lots of love from Lisanna. Xx

  10. Samantha Phillips27 July 2018 at 15:18

    Daisy Sissons: love you, miss you. Enjoy the safari!! Well done to you all for all your efforts xx

  11. Hope you have had a great time on safari today, enjoy the break 😎
    Edie - love you and miss you as always