Saturday, 28 July 2018

So safari begins

Hello everyone! Over the past two days we have been mostly travelling, from Camp Fred near Kampala to Red Chilli rest camp, which offers spectacular views over the savannah and a short trip to the famous river Nile. 
The drive from Camp Fred to Red Chilli took from the moment it became light to a little before it became dark, however we did stop for a few hours to go chimp trekking in the rainforest, and to see the awesome power of Murchison Falls. 

Chimp trekking was amazing - I had never set foot in a rainforest before and neither did many others on the trip. Thanks to the ability of the guides we managed to get within mere meters of a chimp sitting in a tree. Many photos were taken and we even heard a chimp fight where one was bitten, its sobs all too human like. We also heard chimp 'drumming' where as a show of strength and dominance a chimp will beat the root of a tree (the roots grow sideways not down as most of the nutrients are on the top of the soil, producing wooden walls at the base of the tree). The 'drumming' was very loud and after testing the root of a mahogany tree, it made me appreciate the chimps strength.

After the long trek through the jungle, we continued towards Red Chilli, stopping only for Murchison Falls save for a few petrol stations. Around 300 meters cubed of water had to be squeezed through a 6 meter gap causing a constant spray for those who came near and a foam on the water at the bottom of the waterfall.  We arrived at Red Chilli just after dark, surprised to find that many of the meals were quite western. 

The next day we started early to go on a safari, a first time for many. After crossing on the car river ferry, we drove in our safari bus which had a raisable roof to the start of the trail. The vast plains of the savannah was beautiful and we saw many animals. There were countless giraffes, antelopes and warthogs grazing and relaxing the the morning sun. We also could see groups of elephants and one group saw a lioness. There were hippos that were chomping the grass right next to our tents whilst we were going to sleep the first night at Red Chilli, much to the horror of some, however we were glad to see some more in the daylight wallowing in the lake that we stopped at during the tour. The views of the natural landscape and the wild animals, usually only seen behind bars at a zoo were spectacular and the experience will be remembered for a long time!

Daisy Sum--> can you make marmite crumpets when I get back pleaseeeeeeeee xx

Libby--> mum, are you back from Greece? Love you both. Have you heard any news about H ? Xx

Edie--> hey everyone! Miss you all and thank you for all your comments! Can't wait to see you when I get back, lots of love! Xxxx
Ps: grandma and grandpa thank you so much for the comments, send my love to the lot in bath, see you soon!

Lauren--> Missing you both! I look forward to seeing you again.

Florence--> looking forward to seeing you, stock up on food; I'm coming home soon ! X

Spragues--> Parents, are you still alive?

Honor--> how's the house? Love you both xx

Lucy--> who's picking me up? xx


  1. Glad you're all having a lovely time. Mr P, do the hippos remind you of anyone at home? (if not, they will do when you see how much fun we've been having with our new waffle maker...) xxx

  2. Sounds like an amazing experience and well derseved. . Sophie Hamer can’t wait to see you. Remember we are picking you up from the Airport so will see you at arrivals on Tuesday morning! Enjoy the rest of your trip xx

  3. Great blog - and lovely to see the pics of such a contrasting experience for you all. Sophie - what on earth are you holding?! You look horrified! Remember to feed back to me any thoughts on developing football at Kikaaya :) ..and happy holidays one and all!

  4. Hey hope that scary slug creature has been returned to the wild 😱 Dad will be picking you up Lu,so looking forward to seeing you & hearing all about the adventures xxxxxx

  5. What a fantastic blog. Sophie we love that photo. Didn't know a face could make that expression! Sam we know that deep down you care so we're not worried you haven't left any messages. Hope you have another great day tomorrow. Try not to scare any more little beasties Sophie xxxxx

  6. Hi Sam and Sophie, looks like you are having fun on Safari. Hope both you and the slug were ok, Sophie. No photos of Sam today. Sophie can you get some photos of Sam (with chimps) on your camera. Have fun tomorrow. Missing you. See you Tuesday. Dadxx

  7. Sounds like some rare and exciting up close moments with the animals. The safari sounds so much fun and I’m very jealous. Have a fantastic day tomorrow! Helen and James

  8. S and F Sprague: We are in Reykjavik for one night with WiFi, so have caught up with all your adventures. The pictures are great; don't get eaten by a lion or a millepede.M and D. Xxxx

  9. Wonderful photos, so brilliant to see all up close and personal.The falls look dramatic...
    Courgette season is in full flow here so don’t worry lots of ratatouille in the fridge you’ll be pleased to won’t starve :-) .Have a safe journey home .see you in Portsmouth on Tuesday morning !xx

  10. The pictures are brilliant. Love the one of the shongololo!! Travel safely!! Can't wait to see you and hear all about it Daisy xx

  11. The photos look fabulous and it sounds like you have seen lots of wildlife. Glad you have enjoyed the food at the camp. I am sure you will all be looking forward to some rest and our cooking !
    Elliot Enjoy the last few days and keep taking lots of photos. Lots of love mum and dad xx

  12. Lesley Beacham29 July 2018 at 04:56

    What a great experience Kristian & wonderful memories to look back on in the future. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love you Granny & Grandad xx

  13. Looks good and happy that you are all having a great adventure. Pictures look really good and hope all got to see the various animals. Some pics of the boys please.

    Elliot will be crossing over with you as heading out to Papau New Gunea tonight. See on the 9th, be good and get lots of pics. Love Dad x

  14. Max Summerskill: Hi Daisy .... will have marmite crumpets ready ! Safari looks amazing , did you see the lioness ? Xxx

  15. Wow what an amazing time. Nearly back and then it Britney on Saturday!