Friday, 20 July 2018

The mural is completed!


We had an early start this morning to get a good start on our new plastering project in the vocational part of the school. The vocational college allows students to develop and learn skills and trades that allow them to find work within the community, such as engineering, hairdressing, building and car mechanics. 

Once again we had a lovely breakfast prepared by Norah (and her cute baby) before setting off to the school. At the school we split into two teams, one to complete the various art murals and the other to take on the first day of plastering at the vocational college. There are four unfinished classrooms at the college in need of either plastering or having floors and windows put in. We started learning the difficult splatting plastering technique the fundees (a cool word for builder) taught us. After a lot of struggle to keep the plaster on the walls and the lack of equipment, we finished one wall. 

The other team which was at work on the various art murals made amazing progress in completing the school hall mural. The art team (comprised manly of Mr Peebles, Honor and Daisy) did an amazing job and despite only having six inches of paint brush between them, the hall mural looked stunning, the blackboard surrounded by unicorns, birds and both the British and Ugandan flag.

After lunch we had an hour practice of our 'circumcision dance' which we are performing in our cultural exchange tomorrow. The Ugandans found our attempts hilarious as usual, but despite British hip stiffness, we all had a good go at it and had a laugh.
In the evening we did a rehearsal of our songs dances and poems for the cultural exchange which promises to be a roaring success!

Thank you all for writing comments, which where again read out in hilarious accents by Mr Peebles, although at the time of writing this blog the Sprague sisters are still waiting for a comment! 

Blog by Edie :)


  1. Well done all of you. Such hard work in hot weather. Sophie Hamer Grandpa will be so proud of all work. Scarlett keep up all your hard work and you and Sophie can come and do a mural at our house when you are back!

  2. Art work looks great, guys. Well done.
    Libby- Granny and Grandad are enjoying reading all the blog posts and seeing the photos of what you are all up to. Keep them coming!

  3. Please bring home some plastering skills Lu, plenty scope for them in Clifton Tce xx
    Mural looks fab 😊

  4. Great job on the blackboard frame. Looking forward to seeing the plasterers in action, Will can manage the ceiling without a ladder.

  5. Beautiful art work! Stunning!
    Hope splatting was fun too ....

    Scarlett and Flora - your folks are in a remote part of the world with very scant access to t'Internet...hence no comments ..I did check up :)

    Best of British for the cultural day tomorrow - get those knees up chaps!! Let those hips go African girls!! I'm sure you'll be having to hold Mrs Sands back from doing a solo .....anyway - hope its a super special day for you all.

  6. Love the blackboard frame ... good luck with tomorrow’s performance ! Can’t wait for those photos ...

  7. Looks great!

  8. Well done that really does look great. Hope you are all having a great time. Lauren, we loved the photos of you gardening and in the library.
    Jackie Johnstone

  9. Mural looks amazing, love the artwork with the national flags and animals. Plastering is a great skill to learn too, I believe it is an art in itself! Sounds as if you’re doing a fantastic job at the school, all becoming Fundis in so many different ways. Edie, thought of you last night when we had Sushi Friday, brought out your lovely set of Japanese plates you gave us for Christmas. Grandma and Grandpa M.

  10. Great work PGS team ! Love the painting , must have been hard with only one 6 inch brush but looks amazing ! Did someone say dancing ? Daisy ... I’m not doing anything today , I could fly over and show everyone my moves ? I know you’d love that !!!

    Enjoy the weekend everyone ... look forward to hearing more tomorrow! Max xxx

  11. Samantha Phillips21 July 2018 at 02:07

    Well done you have achieved a lot in the week. This week has flown by. We miss you Daisy even Fat G is wondering round the house mournfully looking for a cuddle. Enjoy the singing and dancing today!

  12. Thanks for the great blogs and photos. You have done an amazing amount in such a short time. The blackboard frame is stunning and the plaster splatting sounds fun. I hope someone has some video footage of your first attempts! Good luck today with the cultural exchange, again I can’t wait to see some footage of the circumcision dance.
    Edie, we are taking the boys to Grandad’s canal boat today and they send lots of love. We miss you but are so proud of what you are doing- plus a teeny bit jealous! Mum, Dad, Hamish and Ivan xxx

  13. Is that manly Mr Peebles or mainly Mr Peebles or maybe mainly manly Mr Peebles?

  14. The painting all looks fantastic obviously some talented artists amongst you all. Hope the plastering went well I hope the walls are coming along nicely. Guessing today was the finale of the dancing performances, hope all went well. Enjoy church tomorrow I am sure the singing and dancing will be a brilliant experience- don’t forget to take your camera with you out and about Elliot. Mum and Dad

  15. I’m so looking forward to reading all the blogs each lunch time for me here in LA. Thank you everyone. Please tell Daisy I keep seeing Brandy Melville out here. George has been skate boarding, playing tennis with Harry and swimming. I love the Circumcision dance on FB.... I’m going to give it a go ? Well done PGS . Keep it up!
    Ps Daisy have you lost anything else?
    P.P.S. have you found the sketch book?


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